Port Marigny's petition for judicial review, declaratory judgment and damages.

This lawsuit clearly articulates our position and the real facts of Port Marigny's struggle with the City of Mandeville.

New Urbanism

New Urbanism is the revival of the lost art of placemaking... the way communities have been built for centuries around the world. With the understanding that our lives are impacted by the places we live and architecture is as much about the assemblage of buildings as the building itself.

New Urbanism promotes the restoration and creation of diverse, walk-able, compact, mixed-use neighborhoods, towns, cities, and districts assembled in a more integrated fashion. These contain commercial work places, housing, shops, entertainment, schools, hospitals, parks, and civic facilities essential to daily life, all within easy walking distances from each other.

This is the official website for the Port Marigny project.

11 acres

Public Green Space

1 acres

Public Plaza

5 acres

Water Features

3 miles

Bike Paths

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